Ireland Junior Training Squads

A big CONGRATULATIONS to the 12  Rathmines Chess Players who have been selected for the National Training Squads.
Scott, Peter, Michael, Fiachra, Liam, Matthew, Henry, Eoghan, Mustakim, Muhtarim, Sean ans Dayna.
Details below are taken from report by Darko Polimac on the ICU web site.
The Junior Selection Committee has announced the following junior training squads. Juniors should be reminded that this is does not indicate any selection for Irish Junior teams. This will happen later in the year and announcements will be made in due course. These squads are based on the January ICU ratings. Players are asked to confirm to the Junior officer their interest in participation.Please contact before 10th of March to confirm the place and arrange payment. Juniors will be asked to contribute €75 towards the cost of the training. All coaching will be provided in Dublin. The coaches are GM Alexander Baburin, IM Sam Collins, FM David Fitzsimons and Darko Polimac.The coaching dates are: Sunday 23rd March, Sunday 27th April, Sunday 11th or 18th May and Sunday 15th or 22nd June.

The selected players are:


  1. Conor O’Donnell
  2. Oissine Murphy
  3. John Cormican
  4. Scott Mulligan
  5. Eoin Minnock
  6. James Danaher
  7. Cian McGovern Leahy
  8. Alex Buckley
  9. Peter Cooke
  10. Cian Guinan


  1. Padraig Hughes
  2. Ross Beatty
  3. Michael Higgins
  4. Mihailo Manojelovic
  5. Fiachre Scallan
  6. David Halpenny
  7. Liam Coman
  8. Tom McGrath
  9. Jeffrey Alfred
  10. Shane Melaugh
  11. Piotr Baczkowski
  12. David Kearney


  1. Tom O’Gorman
  2. Matthew Gallagher
  3. Henry Li
  4. Alex Byrne
  5. Eoghan Turner
  6. Mustakim Ul Haque
  7. Daniel Dwyer
  8. Tom Grennell
  9. Muhtarim Ul Haque
  10. JoshuaRedmond
  11. Sean Hunter
  12. Gavin Melaugh


  1. Diana Mirza
  2. Catherine Hearne
  3. Alice O’Gorman
  4. Eibhia O’Mhuireagan
  5. Anastasija Manojolevic
  6. Dayna Fergueson

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