Irish Squad win Glorney for second time

  • Following on last years successful tournament held in Ireland, where Ireland won the Glorney for the first time in almost 50 years, the Glorney team have won for a second time. The Robinson, u14, team have also retained their 1st place, while the Gilbert Girls team have come second to England and the Stokes,u12’s have come third ahead of Wales, England B and Scotland. The years tournament saw the return of France to the competition.
  • Congratulations to a fantastic squad of players, coaches and managers.

Best overall squad in the tournament.

Team Board Prizes

  • Glorney: Scott Muligan 5/5 on Bd 5
  • Gilbert: Alice O’Gorman 3.5/5 Bd 1
  • Robinson: Alex Byrne 4.5/5 on Bd 1
  • Stokes: Sanjay Menon 3.5/5 on Bd 5
Glorney 2016 - Squad
Glorney 2016 Day 3 Knight Knight
Glorney 2016 - Irish Supporters
Glorney 2016 - Homeward Bound
Glorney 2016 - Glorney Winners
Glorney 2016 - Official Sketch
Glorney 2016 - Robinson Winners
Rathmines Junior Chess Club would like to congratulate all the players, coaches and organisers who supported this fantastic squad. Especially to Rathmines players, Scott Mulligan, Muthariem Ul-Hague, Mustakiem Ul-Hagie, Sean Hunter, Utkarash Gupta and Sanjay Menon

U18 Open selection for training

Name Rating
O’Donnell, Conor 2148
McGovern Leahy, Cian 2006
Byrne, Alex 1791
Mulligan, Scott 1765
Minnock, Eoin 1760
Keating, Geoffrey 1716
Li, Henry 1716
Maher, Conor 1701
Hughes, Padraig 1700
O’Gorman, Tom 1698

U18 Girls selection for training

Name Rating
Mirza, Diana 1637
O’Gorman, Alice 1409
Manojlovic, Anastasija 1314
Hearne, Catherine 1281
Walsh, Anjali ) (NWSRS) 1270*
Ni Mhuireagain, Eibhia 1143
Bolger, Katherine 863

U14 Open Selection for training

Name Rating
Higgins, Michael 1684
Scallan, Fiachra 1473
Beatty, Ross 1470
Redmond, Joshua 1437
Haque, Mustakim-Ul 1353
Halpenny, David 1351
Gallagher, Matthew 1345
Kildea, Robbie 1344
Melaugh, Shane 1312
Burke, Killian 1282
Devilly, Sean 1224
Onslow, Alfie (ECF) 152*

U12 Open selection for training

Name Rating
Dwyer, Daniel 1618
Haque, Muhtarim-Ul 1276
Murphy, Adam 1227
Hunter, Sean 1034
Melaugh, Gavin 973
Ferguson, Dayna 878
Mulligan, Alex 870
Naughton, James 851
Fitzgerald, Niall 847
Ruchko, Denis 843
Thomas, Johan 826
Higgins, Stephen 805
Onslow, Teddy (ECF) 114*
Walsh, Ciaran (NWSRS) 1380*


*Note: Equivalent ratings used for those seeking full ICU ratings before May 2015. Applies to junior coaching squad selection only. Equivalent ratings are NOT used for international selection – see junior selection criteria.


CONGRATS TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SELECTED. we are very proud of the many Rathmines Juniors who have been selected and we wish you the best of luck.

for further details check the link below


The Gonzaga College Chess  Classic took place from Jan 16th to 18th.

Many Rathmines juniors took part in all sections.

It was great to see so many young players qualifying to play in the Masters Section. A fantastic achievement for transition year student, Conor O’Donnell, who organised a great tournament, and topped it off by winning the Masters.

Highlights of the weekend for Rathmines:

Sean Hunter winner of the Challangers section

Ciara Scallan, who along with Alice O’Gorman(Shankhill) won top female player  of the tournament.

In the Masters, Henry Li  achieved a draw with last years Irish Senior Champion FM Colm Daly and Michael Higgins scored a very solid 3pts.

More to follow when I get the official crosstables



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