Success on the Bodley Team

Rathmines Juniors take on Naomh Barrog in their last game of the season.

Liam and Scott on boards one and two. Scott went on to draw the match to achieve a board prize in his first season in the Leinster Leagues.

Oscar in a nailbiting game on Board 4

Fiachra is a picture of concentration on Board 3, he has lead the scoreboard all season finishing on 6 pts to also win a board prize.

Michael is the first to finish with a win to add to his total of 3 wins out of 4

Great interest in the last game of the night to finish. Oscar kept his cool right to the end, winning on board 5 to bring our score for the night to 2.5 / 2.5

Post match analysis of Liams very close game on Bd 1, one of the most interesting games of the season for Rathmines Juniors.

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