O’Connell Cup Novice League

The O’Connell Cup  took place in the Teacher’s club on Sunday 24th of February. Three Rathmines Juniors Teams took part, The Rathmines Kings captained by Matthew Gallagher, The Rathmines Queens captained by Ciara Scallan and the Rathmines Knights captained by Stephen Higgins. 6 Rounds were played by 23 teams from Leinster. Rathmines had a great turnout with

KINGS: Matthew Gallagher, Liam Coman, Oscar Twomey, Henry Li, Eoghan Turner and Sean Hunter.

QUEENS: Ciara Scallan , Dierdre Turner, Zoe Mulligan, Leesha with thanks to Dee Mowlds for all her support on Sunday winning 6 points.

KNIGHTS: Stephen Higgins, Peter Carton, Dara Lynch, Cathal , John Carton, Cillian Scallan, Alex Mulligan, Sergiu,

It was a very successful day with the teams chalking up many wins, particularly the third round where all Rathmines players scored a point.

Full results will follow shortly

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