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  • Irish Squad win Glorney for second time

    • Following on last years successful tournament held in Ireland, where Ireland won the Glorney for the first time in almost 50 years, the Glorney team have won for a second time. The Robinson, u14, team have also retained their 1st place, while the Gilbert Girls team have come second to England and the Stokes,u12’s have come third ahead of Wales, England B and Scotland. The years tournament saw the return of France to the competition.
    • Congratulations to a fantastic squad of players, coaches and managers.

    Best overall squad in the tournament.

    Team Board Prizes

    • Glorney: Scott Muligan 5/5 on Bd 5
    • Gilbert: Alice O’Gorman 3.5/5 Bd 1
    • Robinson: Alex Byrne 4.5/5 on Bd 1
    • Stokes: Sanjay Menon 3.5/5 on Bd 5
    Glorney 2016 - Squad
    Glorney 2016 Day 3 Knight Knight
    Glorney 2016 - Irish Supporters
    Glorney 2016 - Homeward Bound
    Glorney 2016 - Glorney Winners
    Glorney 2016 - Official Sketch
    Glorney 2016 - Robinson Winners
    Rathmines Junior Chess Club would like to congratulate all the players, coaches and organisers who supported this fantastic squad. Especially to Rathmines players, Scott Mulligan, Muthariem Ul-Hague, Mustakiem Ul-Hagie, Sean Hunter, Utkarash Gupta and Sanjay Menon

    U18 Open selection for training

    Name Rating
    O’Donnell, Conor 2148
    McGovern Leahy, Cian 2006
    Byrne, Alex 1791
    Mulligan, Scott 1765
    Minnock, Eoin 1760
    Keating, Geoffrey 1716
    Li, Henry 1716
    Maher, Conor 1701
    Hughes, Padraig 1700
    O’Gorman, Tom 1698

    U18 Girls selection for training

    Name Rating
    Mirza, Diana 1637
    O’Gorman, Alice 1409
    Manojlovic, Anastasija 1314
    Hearne, Catherine 1281
    Walsh, Anjali ) (NWSRS) 1270*
    Ni Mhuireagain, Eibhia 1143
    Bolger, Katherine 863

    U14 Open Selection for training

    Name Rating
    Higgins, Michael 1684
    Scallan, Fiachra 1473
    Beatty, Ross 1470
    Redmond, Joshua 1437
    Haque, Mustakim-Ul 1353
    Halpenny, David 1351
    Gallagher, Matthew 1345
    Kildea, Robbie 1344
    Melaugh, Shane 1312
    Burke, Killian 1282
    Devilly, Sean 1224
    Onslow, Alfie (ECF) 152*

    U12 Open selection for training

    Name Rating
    Dwyer, Daniel 1618
    Haque, Muhtarim-Ul 1276
    Murphy, Adam 1227
    Hunter, Sean 1034
    Melaugh, Gavin 973
    Ferguson, Dayna 878
    Mulligan, Alex 870
    Naughton, James 851
    Fitzgerald, Niall 847
    Ruchko, Denis 843
    Thomas, Johan 826
    Higgins, Stephen 805
    Onslow, Teddy (ECF) 114*
    Walsh, Ciaran (NWSRS) 1380*


    *Note: Equivalent ratings used for those seeking full ICU ratings before May 2015. Applies to junior coaching squad selection only. Equivalent ratings are NOT used for international selection – see junior selection criteria.


    CONGRATS TO ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN SELECTED. we are very proud of the many Rathmines Juniors who have been selected and we wish you the best of luck.

    for further details check the link below




    The Gonzaga College Chess  Classic took place from Jan 16th to 18th.

    Many Rathmines juniors took part in all sections.

    It was great to see so many young players qualifying to play in the Masters Section. A fantastic achievement for transition year student, Conor O’Donnell, who organised a great tournament, and topped it off by winning the Masters.

    Highlights of the weekend for Rathmines:

    Sean Hunter winner of the Challangers section

    Ciara Scallan, who along with Alice O’Gorman(Shankhill) won top female player  of the tournament.

    In the Masters, Henry Li  achieved a draw with last years Irish Senior Champion FM Colm Daly and Michael Higgins scored a very solid 3pts.

    More to follow when I get the official crosstables



  • Fiachra’s simultaneous display

    One of our top juniors, indeed one of Rathmines Chess Clubs top players, Fiachra Scallan, gave a similtaneous display in the Rathmines Junior Chess Club.


    Picture 1 of 1

    Fiachra, in his games against, Felix, Ciara, Nedas, Dara, were some of the eight games he took on.

    Fiachra proved impossible to beat, with the only draw of the night going to Dara Lynch. It was great preparation for the Mick Germaine Cup which saw many of the players perform very well. Top scorers at the MIck Germaine Cup were Cillian and Felix , and 2nd place overall to Ciara, Sean, Cillian, Alex and Daniel

  • Fantastic Results at the Mick Germaine Cup

    The club has a brilliant day at the Mick Germaine Cup. Three teams were entered from Rathmines Junior Club and competed against a very strong representation of clubs from throughout Leinster. 20 teams took part in all.

    Ciara Scallan captained the Kings , Sean Hunter, Cillian Scallan, Alex Mulligan and Daniel Bibou, to an impressive 2nd place. The were pipped by Enniscorthy, who they drew with in round 4. Top scorer, Cillian Scallan scored 6 out of 6 .

    The Rathmines Bishops and Rathmines Knights also performed very well, top scorer prizes were awarded to Felix and Sanjay. Almost 20 players from Rathmines took part on the three teams, some as subs. Congratulations to you all, every player put their all into their games and there was some very impressive matches played throughout the day.


    Report by Pat Fitzsimons from the ICU website

    This year’s Mick Germaine Cup competition took place on Saturday 11th October in the Ierne Sports and Social club, home of the Elm Mount Chess club. The competition is for teams of junior players rated under 900 or unrated and is open to both club and school teams.

    This year’s event had a record entry of 20 teams involving 95 players some of whom were as young as five or 6 years old and were making their debuts in a competitive tournament.

    The cup was won by the Enniscorthy Kings on an unbeaten score of 19/24 points over 6 rounds of matches from Rathmines Kings in the runners up spot on 16.5 points. 4 teams finished on 14 points with Blanchardstown finishing third and the Enniscorthy Knights securing 4th place on tie break from Shankill and St Catherines National School. The final standings are set out below. A number of school based teams competed for the first time in the event (Belgrove Boys, the North Dublin National School Project, and Our Ladies College, Greenhills). Another notable feature of this year’s competition was a welcome increase in the numbers of girls playing in the event.

    Four players achieved a perfect score of 6/6 for their teams Mercedes Plaza Reino (Enniscorthy Kings), Cillian Scallan (Rathmines Kings), Vinajak Unitham (Rathoath), and Andrew Whyte (St Catherines National School).

    Final standings:

    Standings   Team               Total Points
    1   Enniscorthy Kings               19
    2   Rathmines kings                 16.5
    3   Blanchardstows                  14
    4   Enniscorthy Knights             14
    5   Shankill                        14
    6   St Catherines                   14
    7   Rathmines knights               13.5
    8   Rathmines Bishops               13
    9   Skerries                        13
    10  Ratoath                         13
    11  Checkmates                      11.5
    12  Navan                           11.5
    13  Meath Girls                     11.5
    14  Ballinasloe                     11.5
    15  Our Lady's College Greenhills   11
    16  NDNSP Kings                     11
    17  Belgrove Knights                9.5
    18  Belgrove Boys School            9
    19  NDNSP Knights                   7.5
    20  Elm Mount Knights               4
  • City of Dublin


    This year’s City of Dublin Chess championships took place in the Gresham Hotel in Dublin’s city centre over the weekend of Friday 12th to Sunday 14th September 2014.


    Rathmines Chess Club was well represented by players in all sections. Scott Mulligan played in the Masters, Michael Higgins, Fiachra Scallan , Henry Li and Matthew Gallagher in the Major, Ciara Scallan , Cillian Scallan,  Sean Hunter, Eoin Hunter and Alex Mulligan in the Junior. It was a great start to the season for them with great results across the board.

    Grading prizes were awarded to Michael Higgins, Fiachra Scallan, Cillian Scallan and Alex Mulligan.COD MichaelCOD fscallan


    There were over 140 competitors in four different sections and the Masters Section was won by Yuri Firstov, with John Redmond in second place and Conor O’Donnell, Peter Hayes and David Murray (all Gonzaga Chess club members) finishing equal third. The grading prize in this section was won by 1115 Killian Delaney.

    The Majors Section was won outright by Karol Marzec of the Elm Mount Chess Club on a score of 5½/6 from Anthony Bourached in second place on a score of 5/6. Didier Kalamba Mukekwa and Ciaran Ruane finished joint 3rd on a score of 4½/6. Bernard Boyle, Michael Higgins and Fiachra Scallan won the grading prizes in the section.

    The Challengers Section was won by Shane Sheedy on a score 5½/6. Three players tied for second on a score of 5/6, Mariusz Lokasto, Jacob Miller and Alexandru Rad. The three grading prizes were won by Shane Melaugh (Elm Mount), Gavin Doyle (Blanchardstown) and Dovydas Pocevicius.

    The Juniors Section was won outright by Cathal Murphy (5½/6) followed by Adam Murphy, Mariusz Filipski and John Halpenny all of whom scored 5/6. The grading prizes went to Susanne Barry, Mark Nagle, Cillian Scallan and Alex Mulligan.

    The overall ladies prize was won by Mercedes Plaza Reino (Juniors Section) who scored 4½/6.

  • Dublin Castle Blindfold Chess Challenge

    Follow this link to RTE iPlayer to see Blindfold Chess at Dublin Castle at 20:50 minutes into the clip

    RTE News article on Blindfold exhibition at 20:50


    This gallery contains 24 photographs in all as   photograph etc.

  • International News


    Follow the tournament on this link

    Irish U12 International Junior, Matthew Gallagher , on a great score of 10.5 from 13 rounds, achieves third place in the Chess Festival St-Ghislain Saint-Lo , France.

    Matthew Gallagher

    Having won his first 7 games in succession he went into round 9 in joint lead on 7/8. A draw and a win in rounds 9 and 10 kept him in contention, just half a point behind the leader, Russian player Asja Cebron. Matthew continued on his impressive form in the closing rounds to secure third place.

    CONGRATULATIONS on such a great performance from us all here in Rathmines.

  • International Selections

    Congratulations to the 6 members of Rathmines Junior Chess Club who have been selected to represent Ireland at the upcoming Glorney and Gilbert International in Sterling, Scotland in August. On the u18 Glorney team, Scott Mulligan, age 14, has been selected to make his first apperance on the Glorney team at  this prestigeous team event.Scott represented Ireland on the u14 team last year. Michael Higgins and Fiachra Scasllan, who last year won the u12 section for Ireland are now on the u14 team for this years challenge. Henry Li, Matthew Gallagher and Mustakeim-Ul Hague make their debut on the u12 team. Liam Coman is on the reserves for the u14, only missing out on selection by 3 points and Muhtarim is on the reserves for the u12’s.Congratulations also to all the players selected for this great event and we look forward to bringing you all the details from Sterling in August   for full details see   http://www.icu.ie/misc/bulletins/JSC_2014_05.pdf